About Us

Overview of GeroNurseOnline.org

As the official Website of the American Nurses Association’s Nurse Competence in Aging initiative, consider GeroNurseOnline.org a go-to Website for authoritative links, materials, and information about nursing care for older adults. The evidence-based content found here has been developed by national experts in gerontological nursing, and is meant to help promote this rapidly growing field of nursing practice. On GeroNurseOnline.org, nurses can investigate geriatric nursing as a career, stay informed of trends and developments in geriatric care, and enhance their practice through advocacy, involvement, education and certification.

What you will find on GeroNurseOnline:

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  • Links to 55 specialty nursing associations’ offerings in geriatric care and to national geriatric Websites;
  • Resource organizations and related resource materials;
  • Hospital competencies for older adults for use in nurse orientation and evaluation;
  • Online courses to prepare for ANCC gerontological certification and much more!